Adult members (of any age and ability)  are welcome to use our facilities of Twinkle House, for the purpose of improving health, wellness, and fitness (in the hydrotherapy pool).

What is available for adults?

  • Sensory relaxation sessions (drug free relaxation)
  • Hydrotherapy (for relaxation, swim, exercise, rehabilitation after injury, pain relief for chronic conditions and back pain)
  • Therapies / workshops and individual therapies (coming soon)


Adults with any sensory, physical, learning Disability or mental health condition may use our services.   Vulnerable adults must be accompanied by their carer/careworker who is responsible for their welfare on site at all times.

Adults can access a variety of facilities on site including:

  • Hydrotherapy Pool  (Hoist available)
  • Sensory Light Room (Hoist available)
  • Sensory Dark Room
  • Small sensory rooms
  • Therapy Room
  • Dance / Music Studio
  • Cafe


We do not provide hoist slings, please bring your own hoist sling and ensure the carer/careworker is competent/trained to use it.  If using the hydrotherapy pool, please ensure you use a ‘pool’ sling (with holes in to allow water to drain on exiting the pool).

Specialist Resources / Aids
Adults using our service may also find benefit from joining our Specialist Resource Library in order that they can utilise some of our fabulous resources at home or in their community setting when they are unable to attend sessions. (at an additional cost to sessions)

Carers are responsible for carrying out risk assessments for all activities and are responsible for the safety and safeguarding of those in their care.

To book telephone Reception on 01695 455625