Children & Young People’s Support  for 0-19’s with Disabilities or Additional Needs.

Twinkle House provides child centred support for a wide range of difficulties that Children and young people with Disabilities and Additional Needs may be experiencing such as social, emotional or behavioural problems, attachment and other mental health needs including stress, anxiety, depression.  It is our aim to provide meaningful and manageable strategies to work through at their pace to enable them to be more in control of their emotions, reduce their anxiety or stress and to reduce their difficulties, enabling each child to achieve their personal potential.  In doing so, children and young people will be more able to remain in school, make and keep friends and participate in activities in their community.

Parent/carer/guardian or support worker who is responsible for their welfare must remain on site for the duration of their suppor however may not need to be in the support session that will be conducted by our Nurse/Social Worker (qualified to work 1:1 with children) who may also have supporting Student Social Workers or Nurses in session.


Support sessions are for a block period of six weeks, one hour of intensive 1:1 support each week on an agreed day and time.


Referrals can be made directly by families, schools, healthcare workers.

Please click to download the Children’s Refferal electronic Referral Form

Waiting List:  Current Number of Children and Young People on our Waiting List = 230

All referrals are triaged on the basis of urgency of need for our support.  Whilst a CYP is on our waiting list they can access other activities including FAMILY TIME activities to help, these include Yoga and Mindfulness, Dance and Movement Therapy, Sensory Time and Hydrotherapy sessions, please see the Family Time Timetable on our front page.

Resources – Specialist Resource Library

Join our Specialist Resource Library and access a wide variety of resources and aids that can be used at home or at school to enhance our support and help with development.

Family Fee £5.00 per year

Group, School or organisation Fee £10.00 per year

Feedback and Comments

Your feedback is of great importance to us as it helps us know if we are providing the right service for you and support any service developments that we make. It is vital that we have your feedback on our support to be able to report back to those who have funded any part of our service. You will be asked to complete a Feedback form.

Costs of using the service:

  1. children’s 1:1 support service is provided completely free
  2. Sleep Support is Free to families of children and young people 0-19 with Disabilities or Additional Needs
  3. A small charge is made to famlies using Family Time sessions to support our overhead costs
  4. See Price List for use of other facilities/rooms to hire by the hour, please note, these prices are heavily discounted to the actual cost per hour to the Charity.

If you would like to make a donation to the Charity, please click the Donate Button on the website.