The PIP Project has been funded by The Big Lottery to enable Twinkle House to provide early intervention and preventative support and services to help families of children and young people 0-19 with Disabilities and Additional Needs cope with minor problems before they worsen.

The Project aims to improve the mental health and well-being of Children and Young People 0-19 with Disabilities or Additional Needs and their carers in West Lancashire and the neighbouring areas. (Lancashire / Sefton / Merseyside / Greater Manchester).

The Project will provide a range of practical support services and activities to help families cope with difficulties such as children’s sleep disturbances, anxiety, stress, depression, sensory needs and learning ability with a view to increasing their resilience and ability to self support.  We will also provide practical and emotional support to carers and some family group and social activities.

Activities will take place Monday to Saturdays 50 weeks of the year and will include:


1:1 Tailored support sessions for CYP 0-19 with our Integrated Practitioner

Provide 20 sessions per week (Mon –Fri) with a qualified Learning Disability Nurse/Social Worker Offering a personalised support package to meet the identified needs of each child/young person through a 6 week Programme of Support (can be increased to a maximum of 18 weeks before a break). Referalls are required for this service and are prioritised/triaged on receipt by urgency of need.

Sleep Support

1:1 Sleep Support sessions and group Workshops with a trained Sleep Practitioner providing practical advice and strategies to help with children’s sleep disturbances.


Dance and Movement Therapy [DMT] and Yoga & mindfulness

for children and young people

Provide group classes where CYP can attend age related groups to learn relaxation techniques through dance, music, movement, yoga and mindfulness. (including Siblings)


Family  Time Sessions

Sensory Hydrotherapy for Carers (only)

Sensory Hydrotherapy for CYP with families

Sensory Relaxation Session for Carers (only)

Sensory Time – Sensory Session for CYP with families

Dance and Movement for CYP (6 week course)

Yoga and Mindfulness for CYP (6 week course)

*There will be a small charge for Family Time sessions

                                             Yoga Class 20 Nov 2015 (20)  Yoga Class 20 Nov 2015 (10)  Yoga Class 20 Nov 2015 (11)

Family Time Timetable can be downloaded from the front page of the website