Resource Library


Families can join for £5.00 per year
Services and Organisations can join for £10.00 per year

Loan Period

Loan period is for one month per item / Terms of Membership apply


Twinkle House has a Specialist Resource Library on site with a wide variety of resources, books, guides and aids that can be accessed by becoming a member. Our Library provides an excellent opportunity for families and services to try resources before buying them. Some of our most popular resources include:

  • Dark Dens – Portable pop-up spaces that allow children and young people a calm stimulation-free space for enjoying quiet time. Alternatively, these can be used to enhance the sensory experience with our lighting UV other sensory stimulators.
  • Laser Star Projectors – Create a cascade of stars across a wall, ceiling or dark den to provide calming moods, sense therapy or to aid sleep.
  • Multi-Sensory Story Sacks – A range of story specific objects to help children and young people engage with stories and support literacy.
  • Books and Guides – A wide range of support materials to help parents and carers further understand conditions like Autism, Asperger syndrome, Down’s syndrome and general, special needs advice.

Our goal is to provide our children and young people with realistic and meaningful strategies, enable them to take control of their emotions and reduce the stress and anxiety that prevents them from achieving their personal potential.

We believe that no one diagnosis is ever the same. Our highly qualified team ensure strategies used are tailored to suit each child or young person’s need. Our ethos of prevention, early intervention and the promotion of positive mental health and wellness provides our children and young people a greater chance of remaining in school and developing meaningful and long-lasting friendships with their peers.

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