Thank you Councillor Maggie Skilling

Twinkle House has benefited from a local Councillor grant from Lancashire County Councils Maggie Skilling. Maggie has shown her support for Twinkle House by providing funds to purchase six much needed Laser projectors for their Specialist Resource Library in order that more service users can benefit from taking the projectors home to help continue the vital support that the Charity offers with sleep and relaxation difficulties for local children and young people with disabilities and additional needs.

Twinkle House said;
Parents and carers have told us that using these special laser projectors has made a dramatic difference to relaxation during bed-time routine or at other times for clients with disabilities and additional needs such as sleep problems that use our service. By following advice and support provided at Twinkle House they have been able to follow a good night time routine using the projectors and get a good night’s sleep having their child/young person motivated to go to bed and stay in bed (information collected from parent/carer feedback).

Parents/carers tell us that the laser projectors work so well, however they are having to wait up to two months to be able to take one out from our Specialist Resource library as we only had a small quantity. The projectors are quite expensive to buy for parents, and we would like to be able to offer our additional support by having more of this fabulous resource to them.

Our many thanks to Maggie for the generous donation from her funds. The projectors will help many families in West Lancashire. Best wishes, Twinkle House 🙂