Well Done to Suzanne Taylor (Gould) London Marathon Runner – For Raising £1,030.00

Twinkle House would like to say a HUGE WELL DONE to Suzanne who ran the London Marathon on 22 April 2012 in aid of Twinkle House. Thank you so much Suzanne, you are the first to do this for the Charity, and we are so grateful to you for putting us on this map and raising funds to help children and young people in your local area. Thank you to all of Suzanne’s supporters too, your help is really appreciated. Pictures will be available on the website soon. Best wishes from Jill and the team at Twinkle House xxx

Read Suzanne’s story below …

The London Marathon 2012
When I applied for the London Marathon for the year of the Olympics I never for one minute thought that I would get a place. Typical some people apply and apply and never get a place, I applied not ever expecting to get a place and hey ho October comes and my paper work arrived with my official offer, including my running number!!
For those that have never been lucky enough to get a place in the London Marathon, when they offer you a place the paper work comes with a magazine. This provides information regarding the day but additionally lots of adverts for various national charities that are trying to entice you to run in aid of them. Many are massive charities offering all sorts of support on the day and for after the race, for example cheering parties round the course and massages afterwards. However my thought process was that if I was going to be running 26.2 miles I wanted to know where the money I raised went and importantly wanted to know that it was my local community that would be benefiting.
I had heard of Twinkle House and had an idea of the support, advice and guidance that they offered families. Importantly I knew that the work they do benefits those locally. When I contacted them they invited me down, showed me around and obviously provided me with the all important t-shirt!
So once my seemingly endless training was completed including many dark 5am starts and long runs on Saturdays often in cold, icy, wet and windy weather race day was finally here. 22nd April 2012 was a lovely clear, crisp, bright, sunny day. A nervous tube journey surrounded by my family and friends (cheering squad) and fellow runners was followed by a short walk to the Blue Start. After my first experience of women’s urinals…..in for a penny in for a pound!! I made my way to the official start.
Now on to the race itself er….. horrific, horrendous, awful, painful, long! It was too hot for me and I felt sick from about mile 3, which was definitely not a good feeling. However the crowds and the views of London……priceless, unbeatable, outstanding, fantastic, uplifting! There was nothing greater than hearing someone in the crowd shouting ‘cam on Twinkoo Hause!!’ And then you have the finish, you think it’s never going to come, every mile had felt like 3 but then there it is the famous tree lined Mall simply one of the best sights ever and a welcome sight for sore legs, feet, hips and knees.
It took me 6 hours and 51 seconds, the longest 6 hours of my life. It would have not been possible without the support of my wonderful family and friends not only on the day, but in the 6 months running up to the race. On the day they were crucial in getting me round that is for sure. In the back of my mind was my ultimate goal reaching the finish so I could collect my sponsor money for Twinkle House.
I have always said that I wanted to do the London Marathon, I wanted to do it before I was 30 but before I am 40 will do me. It is without a doubt one of the proudest moments of my life a massive achievement and one I will certainly treasure for the rest of my life. Would I do it again, if you’d asked me on 22nd April the answer would definitely have been no. However as the days have passed (well the following day actually) I have found myself thinking about how I’d like to beat my time!! Would I recommend it to other……….without a shadow of a doubt, do it, if I can do it so can you!
I can’t wait to collect all my money and to hand it over to Twinkle House it makes the long hard months of training, the long 26.2 miles, the blood, sweat and tears and the PAIN afterwards are all worth it.
I would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. To all those who encouraged me, sponsored me and cheered me on!!!

Suzanne Taylor (Gould)