Hydrotherapy Pool

Our pool has all the benefits of a land based multi sensory room and more!

For people living with constant pain, hydrotherapy can be a welcome relief. From the first session, users feel a notable difference in their day-to-day aches and pains, and they find themselves able to move more freely than they have done for a long time. Regular use and appropriate exercises allow users to experience new movement that, in many cases, can be performed out of the pool as well.

Our pool has a range of multi-sensory equipment to help stimulate the individual including mood lighting and projectors that can be controlled and changed directly from the pool.

Parents and carers also benefit from the use of the pool and find that it is an opportunity to spend relaxing quality time with their children. For some, hydrotherapy is the only occasion they have for close contact or to simply allow their child to sleep in their arms.

“The friendly and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff does not detract from their professional manner and service – everybody is treated the same way. My condition makes it virtually impossible to exercise, but the heat support of the pool’s water allows me to, with assistance, do a range of movement exercises that reduces the pain of cramping and contracture that my condition causes, reducing my pain score for up to a week.”

We had a brilliant time in the Hydro Pool; it had everything that we needed – even our favourite music