Twinkle House has a wonderful therapeutic Hydrotherapy Pool with sensory mood lighting and music of your choice, making the experience one that is personal to the user, engaging the senses.

Our Hydrotherapy pool is available Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm for anyone of any age or ability to hire by the hour. For Relaxation, Private Swim, Exercise, Pre or Post Operative Rehabilitation and more. Please ensure you carry out a Risk Assessment prior to use.

What is available in the Hydrotherapy Room?

  • Hoist (Voyager) is available (please bring your own pool sling)
  • Shower Room / Changing or shower Bed / Shower Chairs
  • Changing Cubicle
  • Toilet / Hairdryer
  • Seating area outside the pool

What is available in the Hydrotherapy Pool?

  • Pool water is just under 4ft deep with steps leading into the water
  • Jacuzzi area with seats and jets (no children under 14 allowed in Jacuzzi area)
  • Resistance Jets (for muscle massage/resistance for swim/exercise)
  • Sensory Lighting (with switches that float on the water)
  • Music of your choice can be requested at Reception on arrival
  • Our Hydrotherapy pool water is maintained between 35/36 Degrees
  • Room temperature is maintained at 30 Degrees

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy originates from the Greek word ‘water healing’ and encourages healing in a multitude of ways through the combination of warmth, water pressure and buoyancy.


How Does Hydrotherapy Work?

The warmth of the water causes muscle relaxation, promotes tissue healing through increased blood flow and therefore helps to reduce stiffness, swelling and pain. The weight and buoyancy of the water enhances treatment by aiding balance, providing resistance for strengthening and also supporting the weight of the body to enhance ease of joint movement. These widereaching benefits mean that hydrotherapy is suitable for conditions ranging from stroke and head injury right through to fracture rehabilitation or chronic pain.


Who Is Hydrotherapy Suitable For?

Hydrotherapy is suitable for a wide range of people and health needs. Hydrotherapy has an extremely versatile and diverse use and as such can be tailored to your needs through your Physiotherapist or support worker whatever your personal goals and abilities. Conditions which may benefit from hydrotherapy include:

 Ankylosing spondylitis   Arthritis   Back pain and neck pain   Balance problems   Cardiac rehabilitation   Cerebral Palsy   Chronic fatigue syndrome   Developmental delay   Dyspraxia   Fibromyalgia   Fractures   Motor neurone disease   Multiple Sclerosis   Muscular dystrophy   Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME/Chronic Fatigue)   Parkinson’s Disease   Pre or Post-surgery exercise   Spinal injury   Sports injuries   Stress and anxiety   Stroke

Potential Benefits of using a Hydrotherapy Pool

 Helps loosen tight, tense muscles and encourages relaxation of the body and mind
 Pain relief
 Elimination of waste assisted by detoxification
 Stress relief
 Increased digestion activity and metabolic rate
 Hydrates the cells and improves muscle and skin tone
 Helps in boosting the immune system allowing it to function more efficiently
 Stimulates the blood supply improving the function of the internal organs
 Reduced swelling
 Increased cardiovascular fitness
 Maintenance, restoration and strengthening of muscles
 Relief from muscle spasm
 Improved circulation
 Increased coordination and balance
 Improvement of joint range of movement (and ability to exercise)
 Increased confidence through freedom of movement
 Aiding peace and restful sleep

Parents and carers must carry out a risk assessment and are responsible for those in their care whilst on site. Hoist is available in the Hydrotherapy Pool. Hoist users must bring their own hoist pool sling and must be accompanied by a person who is competently trained to use hoists.

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