Resource Library

Twinkle House has a specialist resource library on site with a wide variety of resources, books, guides and aids that can be accessed by becoming a member. Our Library provides an excellent opportunity for families and services to try resources before buying them. Some of our most popular resources include:

  • Dark Dens – Portable pop-up spaces that allow children and young people a calm stimulation-free space for enjoying quiet time. Alternatively, these can be used to enhance sensory experience with our lighting UV other sensory stimulators.
  • Laser Star Projectors – Create a cascade of stars across a wall, ceiling or dark den to provide calming moods, sense therapy or to aid sleep.
  • Multi-Sensory Story Sacks – A range of story specific objects to help children and young people engage with stories and support literacy.
  • Books and Guides – A wide range of support materials to help parents and carers further understand conditions like Autism, Asperger syndrome, Down’s syndrome and general, special needs advice.

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