Support to schools in West Lancashire

Twinkle House provides a therapeutic environment where schools can bring pupils for additional support.  Pupils attend with either a support worker (TA) or parent usually during school hours. Please note that our sessions also continue during most school holidays.

What will schools expect?


All sessions are supported by our Nurse/Social Worker (and Student placements) who will discuss your aims of using/referring to the service.   During the first session, record your stated aim for any pupil using the service, record progress, and record achievements with your feedback at the end of support.

Typically, support might be to achieve a target on a Statement of Need, IEP or IBP, or for behavioral or emotional difficulties.   The stated aim is then worked through during a six week ‘programme’ with a one hour session per week at an agreed session time.

Our school support is aimed at helping children and young people achieve, and to improve the knowledge and skills of those supporting our clients using our strategies, information, guidance and resources.


Schools can join our Specialist Resource Library for a fee of £10.00 per year. Members can benefit from a wide variety of books, guides and specialist resources to aid and continue our support at school. Resources of particular benefit may include, Time Timers, Snooze-a-way Sacks, Story sacks, Dark dens, ADHD pack, Autism Pack, wobble board.

Service Cost

Our support to schools is free therefore we ask schools using our service to contribute by fundraising for the Charity.

Twinkle House – School Support Brochure