Cameron has developed his listening skills and is contributing more to class discussions. Cameron has improved his ability to hold a conversation, he is more aware of the needs of the listener.

C Latham – SENCO

Alex enjoys his sessions; the friendships that he has made while attending Twinkle House have continued to develop in school. He is developing his social skills and is now joining in physical activities.

C Latham – SENCO

Keep up the hard work guys, you work wonders!

Parent – Samantha Trainor

The projector and CD Stories work amazingly well (Snooze-A-way sack). Within 4 weeks of accessing the (Sleep Clinic) service Max was staying in his bed and falling asleep within the hour. This is ‘AMAZING’ as this process normally took 4-5 hours!

Parent – Linda Seagrove

Levi has enjoyed coming to Twinkle House and I have noticed he has become more open towards people he does not know and has much more confident with people in general. He has used his imagination using soft play which is something he does not do at home. Also Levi has learnt a concept of time and can stay more focused on activities for longer as he has been taught to stay and remain on the task at hand. He is learning patience which is one of his weaker points.

Parent – J Wareham

Lawrence has really enjoyed and benefitted from coming to Twinkle House. Through the play strategies he has had help learning to share, stay on task, concentrate and listen to instructions. He feels safe and confident here. We have passed on some of the strategies to Lawrence’s teacher at school and we have also used them at home where it’s been a great help and support. We have complete peace of mind that he is being looked after, is understood and very happy.

Parent – A Woodward

Twinkle House gives me my sanity back.

Parent – P Sephton

It is a great help to be able to leave Jack independently at Twinkle House for a couple of hours. Jack loves to play and be involved with other children who have similar disabilities in a secure, friendly and stimulating environment.

Parent – V Blakey

Paula is very helpful. You feel relaxed talking to her. After my chat with Paula I felt a hundred times better in myself about my child’s sleep problem.

Parent – M Edwards

Twinkle House has helped me to calm down in school and at home.


I like Twinkle House and I look forward to it every week.