About Us

About Twinkle House

 Twinkle House is a fully inclusive wellness and sensory centre that welcomes families, children, young people and adults. Our facilities are accessible to all. 

Seeing is believing and we are very proud of our facilities and programmes. We strongly recommend anyone to get in touch and see what we have to offer. 

We have a Sensory/Soft Play Room, Immersive Room,  Hydrotherapy Pool and Studio which are all available to hire. These are accessible for all ages and abilities.

Based in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire we welcome visitors from all our surrounding areas and districts. 

Our aim is to improve the health and wellness in the North West. 






Our History

Story of Twinkle House

In 2000 frustrated by the lack of services available to their children with special needs, a group of parents and West Lancashire Council for Voluntary Services carried out a consultation that identified the vital need for these services in West Lancashire. The group secured funding and a location to help fulfil this unmet need and so, Twinkle House was born.

Since opening its doors on the 4th May 2004, Twinkle House has continued to provide practical and emotional support to hundreds of children and families each year. Additional funding has allowed Twinkle House to expand its services to a wide range of individuals and groups.  We have seen the development of a Wellbeing programme, Sleep service and specialised rooms to hire. 

We have also seen the expansion of our premises due to a growing need. Twinkle House sought out further funds to relocate to a larger premises. In May 2014 a new, larger Twinkle House opened; expanding its offer to the North West of England and providing many more opportunities to support families and their children on a wider scale. 

The original groups drive and determination has resulted in the Twinkle House you see today. A fully accessible Wellness and Sensory centre that we are very proud of and want to share with as many as possible. 

We want everyone to feel our warm welcome and find their time at Twinkle House to be a joyful, inclusive and positive experience.




Twinkle House

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