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Supported Sessions for Children & Young People with Disabilities and Additional Needs

Twinkle House Provides a FREE sensory-based personalised support service for children and young people 0-19 with Disabilities or Additional Needs living in North West England.  

Our support for children aims to increase their resilience and ability to cope with minor difficulties before they worsen, we also provide emotional support, information and advice to their carers.  We aim to empower  families to bring about positive change in their lives thus improving their mental health and emotional well-being.

Children’s 1:1 support sessions are  with our qualified Nurse/Social Worker, supported by University Student Placements (Student Social Workers or Nurses).

Sessions are  delivered in wonderful non-clinical sensory environments that are safe, calming, adaptable and engaging, making support and learning ENGAGING, MEANINGFUL AND FUN


Additional Services provided for families, funded by The Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund – Positive Intervention and Prevention (PIP) Project

For Children and Young People with Disabilities , Additional Needs, siblings and Carers

  • Sleep Support Service with a highly qualified Sleep Practitioner
  • Family ‘Sensory Time’ Sensory sessions for the whole family*
  • Family Hydrotherapy for children with Disabilities or Additional Needs and their carers*
  • Carers only Hydrotherapy  (‘Time out’ to improve relaxation for carers)*
  • Yoga and Mindfulness for children and young people with Disabilities, Additional Needs and their siblings* 

Click this link for Yoga and Mindfulness poster

  • Dance and Movement Therapy [DMT] for children and young people* 

 Click this link for Dance and Movement Therapy poster

*There will be a small charge for these sessions to help with the overhead costs of the Charity

Click here for the Family Time Timetable



Particularly beneficial for people who need calm, relaxation and drug free therapy

Rooms available for hire include:

  • Sensory Activity Room (Light Room) with steps, slide, swings, ball pool, water bed, bubble tubes
  • Sensory dark room (uv light)
  • Small intimate relaxing sensory Room for 2 people or for small group of parents and babies
  • Therapy Room for Practitioners or Therapists to deliver Complimentary Therapies or Consultations
  • Dance Studio for group activities, workshops or party use

Twinkle House  also provides Party Packages for small groups and rooms are also available  for events, meetings, information days,  parent groups, family groups, classes, even Baby showers when they are not being used by people with Disabiilties.   We also have a Cafe facility on site providing hot and cold drinks and light snacks.

Here are our  some pictures of our fantastic Sensory Facilities

Twinkle House Sensory Hydrotherpay Pool

Sensory Hydrotherapy Pool2Sensory Dark RoomTwinkle House - Large Light sensory room6

P10608081:1 support roomTwinkle House - small sensory room3

All rooms are fully accessible (parents and carers must carry out a risk assessment and are responsible for those in their care whilst on site).

Hoists are available in the Hydrotherapy Pool and Light Room.  

Hoist users must bring their own hoist sling and must be accompanied by a person who is competently trained to use hoists.


OPEN TIMES:  Monday to Friday 10.00-6.00 and Saturday 10.00 to 5.30


SESSION TIMES  Click Here for Times 

Drop-ins – Drop ins cannot be pre-booked, please ring us on the day to find out availablity before coming to avoid disappointment.

Please note that on drop-ins, other people may use the room too (this may be adults or children).


Single Occupancy/ Group Bookings If you attend the service every week please note that advance bookings can be taken however,

no more than one month in advance can be pre-booked, all pre-booked sessions require upfront payment.  This is to ensure that no sessions are constantly booked up.


ROOM HIRE PRICE LIST  Please click HERE for our price list

Any queries regarding bookings, please telephone for advice on 01695 455625


Hydrotherapy Multiple Benefits:

  • Hydrotherapy is an outstanding treatment for relieving or reducing long-lasting or sudden pain.
  • Hydrotherapy significantly increases the elimination of waste assisted by detoxification.
  • Hydrotherapy helps loosen tight, tense muscles and encourages relaxation.
  • Hydrotherapy increases the digestion activity and metabolic rate.
  • Hydrotherapy hydrates the cells and improves muscle and skin tone.
  • Hydrotherapy helps in boosting the immune system allowing it to function more efficiently.
  • Hydrotherapy stimulates the blood supply improving the function of the internal organs.
  • Hydrotherapy can rehabilitate injured limbs, treat burns and frostbite, lower fevers, soothe sore or inflamed muscles and joints, soothe headaches, clear up skin problems, ease labor pains, and promote relaxation and more.
  • Hydrotherapy is drug free pain relief for people with chronic pain or injury and an excellent medium for rehabilitation therapy.


Hydrotherapy Benefits For Various Medical Conditions:

For Pain Relief:

Hydrotherapy has proved to be a highly effective type of natural therapy which works by stimulating the endorphins which in turn help to alleviate tension and control pain.

For Circulation:

Hydrotherapy helps improve circulation by providing nourishment and oxygen to entire cells and tissues.

For Immunity:

Conventional detoxing leads to a stronger immune system, which is able to manage controlling infections, bacteria and viruses. This also helps to overcome minor infections ranging from the common cold right up to deadly diseases.


Hydrotherapy helps in breaking stress cycle of everyday life and treat stress-related illnesses, which can cause a variety of psychological and physical problems like digestive complaints, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, depression, headaches, insomnia and so on.


Hydrotherapy helps in treating arthritis by submerging into the warm water either to soak or to exercise. This is very helpful to treat stiffness and joint pains.

Back Pain:

Relax the muscles,  reduce inflammation.


Hydrotherapy has proved to counteract the bodily reactions caused by sciatica and reduce pain or ache.  The body becomes weightless relieving it of the constant pull of gravity when submerged in the pool.

Hydrotherapy for Sleep Disorders:

Hydrotherapy is very helpful for sleep disorders. The warm water raises body temperature helping  you to relax, unwind and calm the mind.



We need your help to be able to continue providing our support services FREE to children with Disabilities and Additional Needs.

Each year we need to raise around £50,000 to pay the running costs of the Charity, we raise some of these costs through hiring out rooms howver,

it is not enough and thisis why we need your help!

Please help us continue our work by making a donation to the Charity through our Donate Page on this website,

or through or use this link to Local to do your own fundraising and create your own fundraising page.


Local Business support is vital and important to us, ask your business to make Twinkle House their Charity of the Year



We are pleased to announce we have received a Grant from The Big Lottery Awards For All Fund to develop a new website currently being developed.

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Twinkle House has a Therapy Room available to hire for Therapists/Practitioners or for Consultations

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